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Araij GTCo was founded by Mr. Saeed Zaidi in the year 1998 after working in the construction industry for more than 30 years.

Araij was built on the foundation of relationships that were developed and experience that was gained over time in the region.

Today Araij GTCO is one of the leading suppliers of MEP(Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) products in the Middle East. It also comes under the Zamfas International group of companies, With sister concerns in Qatar, Germany, Pakistan amongst others

We aim to provide for our customers from source to site.

Offering you the best in MEP products from around the world. Araij only works with the best to ensure our customers get material that is of the highest quality and specifications.

We keep abreast with new products and manufacturers. Our library has directories, catalogs, and periodicals covering many fields. Araij routinely provides this information for our clients upon request.

The Company always negotiates the most competitive freight rates and consolidates wherever possible to reduce landed cost to our clients.

We guarantee fast, accurate and reliable service. With individual attention to each of our customers, Araij personnel most efficiently manage and control all stages involved in the procurement, shipment and documentation of all orders.


Branding and Marketing.

As products that start up in the Araij Family are mostly new in the Middle East they have to start with the correct placement in the market.
To ensure this happens and the product is sold to the best of its capabilities we do market research, focus groups and use a lot of other tools to find the niche the product belongs in.
After this to build up the product from scratch we take part in regional exhibitions, conduct seminars to build up the brand in the market.
Creating advertisement, print media and other forms of direct and indirect visual marketing tools are used and created by our in house design team.
For online searches each of our products is professional Search engine optimized on our website to ensure the highest possible click rate and client footfall.


Import & Export Management

In this capacity, Araij acts as an export department for manufacturers and suppliers. Araij helps with market research, sets up distribution, follows up on sales leads, participates in trade shows, promotes and advertises products through the proper media. Araij is always looking for new products and manufacturers to represent in foreign markets.

We represent reputed manufacturers for Middle East and North African countries mainly from Europe and USA. We market their product through our distribution network.

We play a value added role within the large gap always found between the manufacturer and end user / distributor. We always make sure that our principal get the right seat in the market place and get their deserving market share. This all happens due to our close monitoring of our or our principal appointed distributors activities. Due to our own presence since last 24 years in Middle East we are well aware about the behavior, attitude and legal formalities concerning our region, its different market places and especially about the trading establishments and or distributors.

A large number of foreign principals/manufacturers have suffered due to the lack of knowledge of this region and about its behavior, attitude and legal formalities as well as about the trading establishments and or distributors. Here we come forward to play a highly value added role to eliminate our principals/manufacturers risk while appointing the professional dedicated distributor, monitoring their activities and making sure they get and or consolidate their market share.

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